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The house was originally located in South Boston, Virginia. In 1937 the Works Progress Administration surveyed the entire property. Its condition was described as “Fair” and “Not spoiled architecturally by remodeling.” The report described many important features of the house and its´surroundings including out-buildings. 

In 1998 the house was moved to Petersburg, Virginia. Each piece of the house was meticulously numbered and color coded for reassembly at the current location on High Street, an excellent location to honor Thomas Day's heritage. The early restoration progress included a copper roof, restoring windows with historically accurate materials, and original cladding and cladding from other period historical properties across the state but work stopped leaving the house unfinished.

In June 2019, after having sat dormant for many years the house was acquired by its new owner, Bill Nicholson, who is currently working on the restoration process. To complement Thomas Day and the house, Nicholson has aquired a large collection of furniture designed by Mr. Day that will be part of the house once the thoughtful restoration process has been completed.

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